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Kate's Speaking Topics

Kate Thomas will inspire you through heart-warming messages. She is in demand as a speaker and retreat leader. Her book New Every Morning: a Daily Touch of God's Faithfulness is in its second printing. Kate has published articles in numerous magazines including Focus on the Child (Focus on the Family), Kentucky Monthly and Leader in the Church School Today. Kate and her husband, Wallace Thomas, a retired United Methodist minister, are parents of two children and four grandchildren. Kate speaks to all age groups and some of her topics include:

A Journey of Faith

Based on her book, New Every Morning, Kate shares how her faith has sustained her throughout her life journey. Humorous and heart-warming, simple but not simplistic, this message will warm your heart and encourage you in your own faith journey.

Family Foundations

The American family as we know it is an endangered species. Kate discusses the basic building blocks for the foundation of a strong family. She shares pertinent and practical suggestions for strengthening today's families.

Growing in God's Love

(Talk or Retreat)
God is great and God is also good, but are we growing in His love? Christ gives us a command to love one another. How we desperately need God's love in our homes, our churches, our communities, and our world. Kate offers suggestions for not only knowing God's love, but also how to grow in it.

Loving a Special Child

Kate shares her experience in grandparenting a child with autism. She discusses both the challenges and joys of special needs children, and offers hope and encouragement for their families.

Broken Vessels--Cups of Blessing

All of us, at one time or another, experience disappointments, pain, and brokenness. Kate shares how God brings meaning through His grace.

The Power of Prayer

A Christian's greatest source of power is prayer. Nothing and no one can take this blessing away for us. Prayer strengthens, empowers and fortifies believers. The secular world is finally beginning to recognize the power of prayer. Maybe we need to take a fresh new look at it.

Soaring to New Heights

(Talk or Retreat)
In our chaotic and busy world, how often do we stop and wait on the Lord? Isaiah 40:31 tells us that it is then that our strength is renewed and we can "mount up with wings as eagles, run and not be weary, and walk and not faint."

Talking About Faith in the Family

How long has it been since you have had a "faith talk" in your family? It is not easy to do this as we manage our busy schedules, but it is possible. Kate shares personal experiences of how faith talks can happen in today's families.

About Her Speaking

"What a wonderful weekend we shared on the retreat. You are a special leader and true messenger of God. God's presence was felt throughout the time. I know the joy I felt for the worship and fellowship, and from observing others who seemed to feel the same way."
Charlotte Baldwin, former mayor, Madisonville, KY.

"The whole evening was what we wanted, and your presentation was a special blessing. Thank you again for you inspiring message."
Mary Britton,St. Matthews United Methodist Women, Louisville, KY.

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