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Kate's Books

New Every Morning: A Daily Touch of God Faithfulness.

Price: $14.99
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This is a book of daily devotions written over a long period of Kate's life and daily walk with the Lord. Her personal witness will warm your heart, help renew your spirit, and remind you just how good and faithful God is!
New Every Morning is filled with meditations that have practical applications for everyday life. Each message is simple, not simplistic, timeless, yet timely, easily understood, but saturated with wisdom and truth. They are both comforting and challenging. (The topical index is a rich source of illustrations for speakers.)
To be enjoyed by both adults and youth, this book holds tenderness and humor. It appeals to both the emotions and the mind. You will chuckle, ponder, and feel deeply moved as you read these devotionals.

What others say:

We listen to persons whom we trust. We pay attention to those whose words are in harmony with the way they live. For these reasons, I listen and pay attention to my friend "Kay." These "daily devotionals" are the fruit of Kay's walk with the Lord. She has lived what she has written. She is a person my wife and I have often called on to pray for us. She has been faithful in her response to God, and her life is a witness to God's faithfulness. I invite you to listen and pay attention to what she has to share.
-Dr. Maxie D. Dunnam, Past President, Asbury Theological Seminary

These meaningful devotions of Kate Thomas touch on the real issues of life. Using the teachings of the Scriptures along with life experiences, Kate leads us to the power and courage we need to be in touch with God's faithfulness every day. In this relationship we receive God's abundant grace, a gift that is extended daily to all who will accept.
-Dr. Evelyn Laycock, Director of the Lay Ministry Center, Southeastern Jurisdictional Administrative Council, United Methodist Church

New Every Morning is the heart cry of a powerful and very unique saint of God. Never have I read a devotional book which so authentically touches every valley I've known and every mountaintop I've climbed. If this book doesn't light your fire, then your wood is wet. It will change your life. It will change your church.
-Dr. Rose Grindheim Sims, conference evangelist and author

Grandparenting a Child with Autism: A Search For Help and Hope

Plus Ky. tax

Through reading Grandparenting a Child with Autism: A Search for Help and Hope you will come to know a grandmother who has poured her heart and soul into searching for information and help for her granddaughter with autism. Kate Thomas shares candidly about the whole range of feelings and experiences from diagnosis to this present time. A thread of hope runs throughout the book, for there is hope for children with autism. Along with hope this book will offer many ideas for help--not only for grandparents and family members, but also for teachers, caregivers, and all that work with these children. Many practical suggestions are offered for ways churches can provide ministries for special needs children, communities can organize a social skills camp or plan a grandparenting conference, and much more. Kate shares an abundance of available resources, and offers excellent suggestions about how to apply them in day to day living. Any grandparent's search for hope and help will be strengthened through the strong and caring guidance of this special book.

What others say:

"This book will inspire grandparents to work with children with autism. It provides both hope and practical advice."
-Dr. Temple Grandin
Author and associate professor of Animal Science, Colorado State University

"I have known Kate Thomas and her husband since the day their granddaughter was diagnosed with autism. Reactions to the news are many and varied and all are valid. Kate's reaction was to begin to learn all that she could and be involved and helpful to her daughter's family and her granddaughter. She always was supportive while never taking over the decision-making role that was her parents. When there were gaps in services, Kate helped to create opportunities. When respite was needed that's what she did. When she didn't know something she found out in various ways. When she needed help and prayer she asked for that. Kate reached out to others and keeps doing that in many ways. Her granddaughter has brought new wisdom and opportunity to Kate and in turn Kate enriches the life of her granddaughter. Thank you, Kate, for writing this book that will be a great help to grandparents as they try to determine their role in helping their families."
-Nancy Dalrymple,
Autism consultant and author

Mother Duck Knows The Way

Plus Ky. tax

The story of Mother Duck Knows the Way unfolded before author Kate Thomas' eyes. She watched a mother duck lead her twelve ducklings across a busy city street, over a rock wall, and down twelve steps to the city lake. The story of this experience will appeal to young children and offers many possibilities for instruction. Topics such as street safety, following directions, dealing with fear, and developing trust provide good material for discussion. Questions for discussion are provided at the end of the book.

What others say:

"Young children will appreciate the comfort and assurance offered in this gentle story about learning to trust and overcoming fear. And parents will welcome the discussion questions that will encourage little hearts to consider God's love."
-Liz Curtis Higgs
Best selling author of The Pumkin Patch Parable

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